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Quality Control
Kothari Group follows strict quality standards in all areas of operation, right from the selection of the raw materials to the ultimate dispatch of the finished products to its valued customers.

One of the strengths of SMPL is our highly equipped R&D laboratory and our broad technical competence in the production of Zinc, Lead and Lead alloys. Our foundry alloy customers have full access to our wide range of technical services designed to meet their needs.

The company has installed the latest and the most sophisticated testing equipment, namely Optical Emission Spectrometer (SpectroLab LAVM-10), imported from M/s SPECTROLAB, Germany, along with wet lab analysis equipment. This helps the company to provide Lead Alloys of similar consistency in every batch from the first to the last ingot produced.

All our Zinc, Lead and Lead Alloys are tested on the state-of-the-art Optical Emission Spectrometer (M10) which gives a result of 18 elements and accuracy up to 5 decimals.

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